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Nicolas Cage Joins Dead by Daylight as the Ultimate Survivor

Dead by Daylight stands as an iconic horror game, renowned for its captivating gameplay and continuous updates that reflect Behaviour Interactive’s commitment to player feedback. Whether assuming the role of a menacing killer or a resourceful survivor, the unparalleled thrill offered by Dead by Daylight remains unmatched. The latest public test build takes the excitement to unprecedented heights with the introduction of the game’s most exceptional survivor to date: Nicolas Cage. With this addition, the world of Dead by Daylight intertwines with the realm of real-life public figures, marking a truly extraordinary collaboration.

In a remarkable convergence, one of the most revered actors of our time joins forces with one of our favorite games, resulting in a match seemingly crafted in the heavens themselves. Nicolas Cage, a figure beloved by millions, steps into the shoes of a fictionalized version of himself within the game’s universe. While filming a new role on a captivating in-game set, Cage’s performance inadvertently summons The Entity, an eerie new killer featured in the Dead by Daylight End Transmission update. Trapped within an ethereal fog, the actor finds himself locked in a perilous battle for survival against a force far more nefarious than the harshest film critic.

Mathieu Côté, the head of partnerships at Behaviour Interactive, expressed overwhelming excitement about Nicolas Cage’s inaugural venture into the gaming world through Dead by Daylight. “To say that we are thrilled to have Nicolas Cage join us for the first time in Dead by Daylight would be an understatement,” Côté remarked regarding the inclusion of the distinguished actor as a survivor. “Cage’s involvement in recording his voice lines and his dedication to every step of the process exemplifies unmatched professionalism and a true commitment to his craft.”
Introducing the Dead by Daylight’s Nicolas Cage Chapter, accompanied by three all-new character perks that further enhance the thrilling gameplay experience. The first perk, Dramaturgy, taps into your instinctive nature during intense moments, though the outcome remains uncertain, adding an element of unpredictability to your gameplay. Scene Partner, the next exciting perk, allows you to gaze at the killer, gaining valuable insight into their thought process and enabling you to anticipate their future actions more effectively. Lastly, Plot Twist, hailed as an unparalleled ability by the developers, immerses you in your character like never before, empowering you to make bold and risky decisions that come with equally rewarding consequences.

If you’re eager to step into the shoes of Nicolas Cage, you can now play as him on Steam. The Dead by Daylight Nicolas Cage Chapter, along with its exclusive chapter pack, will be available for purchase on Tuesday, July 25. For those not using Steam, fret not, as the chapter and accompanying pack will also be accessible for purchase on the Epic Games Store and Windows store at the same time.

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