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Fatal Confrontation in West Bank: Palestinian Fatally Shot During Israeli Forces’ Raid”

A Palestinian man lost his life during an Israeli forces’ operation in the occupied West Bank, according to his family’s announcement on Friday. The funeral gathering witnessed the mourning for Mahmoud Jihad Jarad, 23, who was fatally shot by soldiers during an overnight raid on Tulkarm refugee camp situated in the northern West Bank. The official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported this incident.

A family representative, Iyad Abdulrahim Jarad, affirmed to AFP that his relative was shot when the Israeli army entered the camp. Since 1967, Israel has maintained control over the West Bank, frequently conducting operations in Palestinian communities.

The military explained that during the raid, “suspects blocked routes and fired toward the soldiers, who responded with live fire.” The army’s statement also noted the deployment of explosive devices, rocks, and fireworks against the troops.

During the funeral procession, Jarad’s body was enshrouded in a Palestinian flag, with a keffiyeh covering his head, as he was carried through the streets. This incident marks the 214th fatality in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict this year.

The casualties have extended beyond the Palestinian territory, with 28 Israelis, along with one Ukrainian and one Italian, also reported deceased. This data is based on an AFP compilation from official sources on both sides. Among these casualties, the Palestinian side encompasses both combatants and civilians, while the Israeli count includes three individuals from the Arab minority.

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