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French Military Trainer Nicolas Latourte Tragically Killed in Iraq: Presidential Statement”

A French military instructor lost his life in Iraq while collaborating with Iraqi troops, as confirmed by French authorities on Monday. The soldier, identified as Nicolas Latourte, tragically passed away while carrying out his mission on Sunday, as conveyed by President Emmanuel Macron’s office via X (formerly known as Twitter). This unfortunate incident follows the recent loss of another French soldier in Iraq due to a road accident.

France currently has approximately 600 soldiers participating in “Operation Chammal” in Iraq. This operation is dedicated to supporting the Iraqi national forces and combating the extremist group known as the Islamic State. The French military issued a statement stating that Latourte was fatally injured during a training mission for urban combat. However, no further details about the circumstances of his death were provided.

A senior Iraqi military source, speaking anonymously to AFP, disclosed that Latourte had been collaborating with Kurdish forces in northern Iraq and had sustained a fatal bullet wound while cleaning his weapon.

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