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Ilebaye and Angel’s Explosive Clash

The All-Stars are not just competing for the grand prize of 120 Million Naira; there’s much more at stake. Besides the coveted title of show winners, they face creatively demanding challenges each week, offering enticing rewards. These tasks often ignite tensions among the housemates, as seen today after Team Bold’s triumph, where Angel and Ilebaye found themselves in a heated confrontation.

After a spectacular presentation and a joyous night at the Arena, the housemates returned indoors, only to find tensions rising. Ilebaye accidentally stepped with paint-stained feet on Angel’s box, triggering a heated argument between the two. Thankfully, Mercy Eke intervened, diffusing the situation and separating her close friend, Angel, from the escalating feud.

It’s astonishing how a seemingly fun activity can lead to such turmoil, but the challenges they face are truly daunting. Throughout the season, the housemates have encountered a diverse range of tasks, from designing a clothing line to strutting the runway and concocting delectable cocktails. These challenges consistently push the boundaries of their creativity, demanding teamwork and innovative solutions to display their artistic prowess.

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