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Kiddwaya Emerges as Week 2 Head of House Winner in BBNaija 2023

Kiddwaya secured immunity for the week and claimed the prestigious Head of House title through a clever combination of a seesaw and several balls. The competition featured two stages, requiring housemates to carefully walk over the seesaw to release balls into a designated space on the opposite end.

Amidst the games, an exciting twist occurred when the Black Envelope Search took place. Angel, Kiddwaya, and Neo were the lucky recipients of the envelopes. However, only Angel emerged as the fortunate one, earning immunity for the week. Kiddwaya and Neo received messages of encouragement, with the promise of better luck next time.

In the initial stage of the games, the housemates were divided into four groups: Blizzard, Fantastic Five, Five Stars, and Veto Five. The final round showcased Adekunle, Frodd, Ilebaye, Ike, Kiddwaya, Neo, Soma, and Venita, with Kiddwaya emerging as the ultimate victor, earning the prestigious Head of House title. As a bonus, he formed strong bonds with Neo, Pere, Tolanibaj, and Uriel, who became the BFFs for the week.

To sum up, Kiddwaya and Angel secured their immunity through the Head of House games, while the other housemates had to compete for the final immunity spot in a unique nomination twist named “Pardon me, please.”

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