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White Money and Mercy’s Alliance in the BBNAIJA All-Stars

Whitemoney and Mercy, two of the most beloved contestants in the BBNaija All-Stars season, have forged a strong alliance. These two housemates, each a winner in their respective seasons, have maintained their friendship since their initial time in the house. Their shared belief is that by working together, they can increase their chances of claiming the ultimate grand prize.

During a casual chat in the lounge, Whitemoney revealed to Mercy that he’d overheard some of their fellow housemates discussing their presence in the competition. “Neo mentioned how it’s not fair that we’re here,” he shared. “Cross is convinced that this time, he’s the one taking the crown. Even CeeC and others are saying it’s a woman’s turn to win, even Angel.”

Mercy concurred, saying, “I’ve picked up on that vibe too.”

Whitemoney continued, “Initially, I didn’t return for the money; my primary goal was to promote my craft and my upcoming music, so I could kickstart my career once this show ends. But after what went down yesterday, let’s play this game!

“You see, just as you and I entered this house last, that’s how we intend to leave. I’m making you a promise: I won’t ever nominate you, and I hope you’ll do the same. When you’re up for eviction, the WhiteMoney Gang will rally behind the Mercenaries, and vice versa when I’m in the hot seat.

“Right now, I’d prefer to see you win over anyone else here. If you win, I’ll be your strongest supporter as the first runner-up, and if I win, you’ll be my top choice as first runner-up.”

Mercy responded with enthusiasm, saying, “Count me in.”

Whitemoney, the victor of the 6th season of Big Brother Naija, and Mercy, the winner of the 4th season, stand out as the sole previous champions competing for the coveted N120 million cash prize in this ongoing all-star edition.

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