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White money Vows No More Intervention in House Fights

Big Brother Naija All Stars contestant, Whitemoney, has taken a stand against intervening in fights between housemates. In light of the recent altercation between Angel and Ilebaye, he expressed his concerns that some housemates might be instigating fights because they know their peers will separate them, inadvertently encouraging such behavior.

During a conversation on Thursday morning with Adekunle and Soma, Whitemoney stressed the importance of allowing individuals to face the consequences of their actions without interference if they choose to engage in physical altercations.

He stated, “Moving forward, I won’t step in anymore if anybody decides to start a fight.”

Adekunle chimed in, “We discussed this yesterday. Okay, you guys weren’t there. We talked about it yesterday, saying that if any girl decides to start a fight, we will let them handle it themselves. It seems like holding them back only motivates them.”

Whitemoney fully supported the idea, adding, “Exactly, that holding back is what motivates them. So, no more holding back. If you want to fight, if you feel like pulling someone’s wig or drawing out their eyelashes, go ahead. No one will hold you back anymore.”

He made it clear that even if he were to have a girlfriend in the house, he wouldn’t come to her defense if she chose to fight. According to Whitemoney, everyone should be responsible for their own actions and understand the consequences of their behavior within the Big Brother Naija house.

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