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How to Change or Convert Leeco 4G Smartphone to 5G Network

Like every other leading smartphone makers out there, Leeco is doing its best towards making the future – mobile technology – equally distributed. Leeco isn’t left out the race or unveiling high tech 5G smartphones which promise to make upload and download speed a thousand times better than what it used to be in the days of its predecessors 2G, 3G and 4G.

Earlier on when 4G rolled out we shared a post and made a video that helped millions of people change their Leeco and other related Android devices from the 3G or 2G mobile network to the fast speed 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) which was the standard for highspeed wireless communication for mobile devices and other data terminals as at that time. So, we look forward to helping millions of smartphone users achieve the same thing with the super-fast speed wireless fifth generation (5G) communication technology.

Just like the predecessors – 4G – users of Leeco smartphones might have to purchase an upgrade SIM of 5G that will enable them to use the fast speed network to connect to the Internet of Things. Then, after that you have to you for settings and do the following:

·         In the settings of your Leeco smartphone go to the connection section

·         Next, scroll down to mobile networks.

·         Press the dropdown list “Network mode” option.

·         Select 5G mode.

·         That’s all, you should be able to enjoy a super-fast speed on your Leeco device when you save the settings.

Note: the above process might not work for your Leeco device like we explained in our tutorial for switching to 4G Network which is why we showed them two other methods of switching when that mode is not showing among the available options.

·         Method 1 has to do with Leeco or supported Android device user to dial a shortcode that will pop up an engineering setting for the action.

·         While method 2 is a guide on how to use a third-party application to achieve the network mode switching.

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