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Top 10 List of People Who Forgot Their Parents Had Social Media

#1 – A Tough Guy, Get Owned by A Tougher Guy

Most times, guys love showing themselves as cool on social media. They try to look cool through posts, pictures, videos and other means possible. Quite a good number of ladies love the tough guys so that’s a picture every guy desires to do and put out there. Guys with dads who are undoubtedly tougher should watch out though as their old man can outdo them one way or another.

This guy uploaded a pic of him trying all-powerful and “gangster.” The pic was taken from a restroom and it’s not extremely our selection for a looking cool profile pic. Anyway, his father decides to point out to him who the real tough guy is by posting the same style of his image. We’re certain the guy felt extremely small when his father stepped up and dethroned him from the highest spot of the cool kingdom.

#2 – Thug Life Chooses Who?

We all experience a phase when we have that feeling like we’re the most badass person on earth. In reality, we aren’t thugs and also the thug life didn’t choose us. Not anyone will argue and argue regarding our claims on being a badass. When our parents who’ve seen us on all fours begin saying that “no, you aren’t a thug” then there’s really no gain in arguing.

This poor lady determined to caption her profile picture with “I didn’t opt for the thug life; the thug life chose me.” Her family is fast to comment concerning her “thug” endeavours’. Her father comments that she can’t be a thug and be afraid of the dark. Then her mother comments that she’s also afraid to shower when nobody else is home.

#3 – Sorry, There Will Be No Party This Weekend

Teenagers are kind of the rowdy bunch. They get into all kinds of trouble with everybody and most times, it’s too difficult to keep track of what they’ll do next. the only known crime they’ll commit is throwing a celebration at home once the parents are out for the weekend. It’s a secret best kept hidden however some teenagers are a touch lacking within the brain section.

Everything was set for this child. Parents are out for the weekend and everyone that’s left is a very little inviting. Unfortunately for him, he created the invites on Facebook. Even worse, his parents, who were said to be out for the weekend are friends with him on Facebook. He’s sure going to get a solid scolding when his parents return and also the worst part is, there’s no party for anyone.

#4 – Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

Girls like to post their prettiest photos online. we tend not to get anything from likes or nice comments, however, let’s face it, it’s continuously nice to be complimented. Some dads support their daughters’ best photos online through commenting and thumbs up, while on the other hand, some dads prefer to become total party poopers instead.

What began as an innocent beauty photo for this lady ended up being a complete nightmare instead. She posted a photograph of hers with a neat flower headdress filter. Her father took to social media to do same and outdo her daughter’s nice photo.

Instead of a filter, her father used a real plant on his head. A no filter shot and a duck face created his photo quite the competitor.

#5 – She Rode The Wave

Parents are terribly tech savvy these days and you can bet that moms and dads worldwide are getting more from Facebook. Some are so good to be leading figures on Instagram and children ought to ne’er, ever forget if their parents are on Instagram.

This girl just made that ungodly mistake. She captioned a photo of her with a man on a jet ski saying that the vehicle isn’t the only thing she rode that day. Her mother quickly sent her a message reminding her that her parents have an Instagram account. The girl was sensible and humorous tho’ and she created a reasonably nice save. Let’s be honest though, she most likely got a solid scolding once she got home.

#6 – Oops, That’s Gotta Hurt

Facebook is the emotional opening of the many individuals. Through this groovy website, we tend to get the possibility to voice out our emotions without having to confront or socialize with others face to face. Generally, our deep thoughts will grow to be a window of opportunity for our relatives to express their own qualms with us.

This guy published an innocent post that simply primarily reveals how he’s presently feeling. From the sound of things, the guy goes through somewhat section. That isn’t stopping one among his folks from ridiculing him ahead of his several friends on Facebook though.

The guy’s standing update was one thing regarding how things don’t want fixing, however, it’s best to begin over most times. one among his folks then comments “and that’s why you have a younger brother.” With few words, his own parent gave out one among the sickest burns in Facebook history.

#7 – What is Burn?

Urban dictionary is one among those fun websites that enable folks to envision out the definition of some words created up by others. It’s an honest way to pass the time and even higher, it’s rather simple to place a word in for laughs. Some guys simply can’t help it but add in words that will profit them somehow.

Jordan’s a very smart guy. He shares a link from the web site and within the link, we tend to get to visualize what the “definition” of Jordan is. In line with Urban dictionary, Jordan may be a completely different word for an awfully giant Johnson. It absolutely was a bit funny we’ll offer him that but his mother wasn’t having any of it.

In one sentence, Jordan’s mother virtually destroyed him. She apologizes for giving her son a reputation she can’t live up to and boy, that was a burn felt around the world.

#8 – We Met

It’s continuously fun to look back and hear regarding however we tend to meet our friends on Facebook. I mean, with all those names and recollections, there’s an honest likelihood that we can’t recall all of them. With one standing, we are able to have our friends tell about however they met us but it feels like others need to take it too far.

One guy started a thread by posting an innocent when and wherever question of how his friends met him. the first answers were nice and high. But his flips it. Things got a touch weird. “9 months before you were born. I brought you on a date and you left together with your mother.” Other people who have earlier commented loved the comment and also his dad “won the internet” with such a pleasant and humorous response.

#9 – Taylor Swift’s Inspiring

Taylor Swift is one in all the leading music icons till date and ladies can’t help but relate to her music. It’s a well-known undeniable fact that most of Swift’s songs are based on her relationships with a couple of celebs. She’s that kind of people you can easily relate to. However ne’er should we ever say that her songs are based on our lives.

This one lady didn’t get the memo tho’. Sure, it’s simple to mention that this lady is simply a big fan of Swift and her post shouldn’t be taken too seriously but boy, her pappa gave out one burn too hot, it may topple Swift’s songs on the charts. The lady ne’er saw it coming tho’ and her pappa had the right to reveal the secret life of his girl. It would’ve been nice if Swift really releases Empty The Dishwasher And cat box every night without B*tching about It.


It’s general knowledge that one has to look superb in his or her profile pic. whether or not we love it or not, folks can judge our photos just like the world depends on it. Our greatest critics aren’t folks prettier than us, our greatest critics are and can continuously be our parents.

This brother and sister cycle had announced a neat photo of each of them with a rather thuggish post. They tried to seem cool within the photo and that we gotta hand it to them, they somehow force it off. All was going well tho’ however that was not until their parents showed up to mock them.

Their mom and dad showed up to pose the same style. the clothes, the filter, the pose, their mom, and dad got everything right. simply goes to point out, like mother and father, like daughter and son.


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