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Top 10 Strange Jobs Robots Are Taking Over

Closer than we imagine, we are gradually losing our jobs to Robots. Like it or not factories are becoming automated, vehicles are becoming self-driving, not to talk about drones now that will be performing several tasks up in the skies. Some jobs, we’re beginning to develop passion for, just aren’t going to be meant for humans soon.

But it would not stop there. as a result of it’s not only factory staff who are being replaced by robots; it’s everybody,
from the creative to the personable. a number of the last jobs—and even ordinary social roles—you’d ever imagine are being taken by robots, together with some you’d never have thought-about.

#1 – Monks

A Japan owed company known as SoftBank Group Corp. has created a robot you by no means knew you needed: Pepper, the digital Buddhist monk.

Pepper is a one hundred twenty-centimeter-tall (3’11”) android that, initially, turned into placed to the slightly much less blasphemous uses of serving sushi and assisting customers at the bank. these days, though, the employer has rebilled their robot as “a inexpensive alternative to human monks”—a digital bargain holy guy.

For ¥50,000, humans can lease Pepper to preside over the funeral of any loved person who wasn’t cool enough to break the financial institution on hiring a real monk. There are even some perks to hiring a robotic: Pepper isn’t hung up on denominations, so it can render service for any of the four principal Buddhist sects.

As loopy as all that sounds, there are 10,000 Peppers accessible within the globe, so there’s a market for it. now not all of them are performing Buddhist offerings, even though. And, for the actual present day circle of relatives, you could even have your beloved’s ashes saved in a area-efficient warehouse with a touchscreen panel that lets you digitally view their remains.

#2 – Fans at Baseball

A Korean baseball group called the Hanwha Eagles has taken a new step to bringing out fans. In place of looking to entice in real people, they’re simply filling their stadiums with robots.

After a long losing streak that began with their first play and didn’t give up ever, the Eagles were having trouble filling seats. Few lovers desired to go through the soul-crushing revel in of seeking to root for the team their city became saddled with, and shortly, the crew changed into gambling to rows upon rows of empty seats.

So, they put up robots that fill the empty rows, programmed to cheer, chant, do the wave, and be nearly the whole thing else a actual human can be. Some fans who can’t show up at the games can even log in to the robots from the internet and task their faces onto the machines.

It’s an amusing gimmick—and an unusual glimpse into an different future. The players for the Hanwha Eagles are nonetheless human, however now they’re playing for the entertainment of a sea of metal guys programmed to cheer them on.

#3 – Rectal Instructor Assistant

Rectal instructor assistant isn’t exactly a job in huge call for, but inside the UK, there is one man who makes his daily bread by way of letting students practice sticking their arms up his bum. Or, at least, if there was such someone, he currently lost his task to a robot.

The robot buttocks had been built with the aid of lab people at Imperial college London.The device touts a human-like anus and silicon rectum, puckered via the stress of tiny robot arms that make sticking your finger into it as normal and lifelike feelings. This literal task-stealing butthole can do several things that no mere human buttocks can do. it may range its anatomy to present a extensive range of practical situations. Plus, it’s now not shy approximately letting people watch.

operating with human beings, medical doctors can’t really see what their trainees are doing up the buttocks in their surprisingly willing volunteers and, possibly should work off their facial expressions. The robot butt, even though, has a computer display that helps you to watch what’s going on. It even works with 3-D glasses—which, for some reason, the makers concept might be an crucial feature.

#4 – Human-like Buttocks

Robot butts, seemingly, are a primary aspect in robotics development nowadays. It’s not only medical engineers which are making them—robotics specialists are developing a steel machine to replace what, as it seems to be an income producing channel for most people: having butts.

Samsung used robot buttocks for “Testing Human Weight,” which, for a few reason, did no longer need people for such test. They needed a person to sit on their cellphone to prove that it wouldn’t bend. This, Samsung apparently believed, changed into a job that no human can be relied on to do. rather, they needed to broaden a complex, state-of-the-art robot butt.

#5 – Robotic Babies

Amazing how in Japan they are now opting in for a robot instead of having real babies. Birth rates seems to be going down; grow up aren’t getting married, and they’re being left with a void of happiness which can be filled by the affection of an infant. Or a lovely pocket-sized robotic.

The baby robot, Kirobo Mini is mainly designed to takeover the emotional connection that comes between a mom and her baby. It’s designed to wobble like a toddler learning to walk, a feature in particular designed to ignite maternal instincts. It’s even programmed to understand its mother and to reply with high-tune, childlike coos every time she calls.

In summary, it’s a robot child. It never cries, it’s so small that it can fit in your pocket, and if you get tired of it you can  just turn it off and throw it inside the rubbish. This, seemingly, is what the makers of Kirobo Mini assume is the future of human connections.

#6 – Food Critics Robot

When Yingluck Shinawatra who was the former Prime Minister of Thailand got tired of the imitations of Thai food across the globe, she demanded immediate action to change the situation. She called the Thai authorities for an emergency meeting, and they came out with a solution: Making a food robot.

They called their make the “e-Delicious,” an undisclose project they spent years on, growing, for reasons no one absolutely understands, a robotic meals critic.

e-Delicious is instructed with programme to scientifically compare any Thai delicacies. It measures the chemical make-up of a dish, compares it to what the Thai government considers the “perfect”, after which it gives it a mathematical rating.

The people of Thailand don’t seem as pleased as Shinawatra hoped. “i take advantage of my tongue to test if it’s delicious or now not,” one baffled Thai resident stated while the project turned into unveiled. “I suppose the authorities have to keep in mind the use of a human.”

#7 – Robotic Sales Representatives

We are all use to dialing hotline and follow up recorded messages. Systems like that have computerized menus or use robo-callers to get in touch with their customers. It seems a life Insurance company, Premier Health Agency, is taking it a to another level. They’ve put in place robot that customers connect to when they ask for a human.

Also, they’ve put up a robotic telemarketer programmed to disclaim that she’s a robot. It calls itself Samantha West and uses prerecorded messages to insist that it’s a human—regardless of how long you keep asking. Should anyone call her an answering machine, she’s programmed to chortle and say, “I’m human. maybe we’ve got an awful connection, I’m sorry about that.”

It’s not precisely foolproof. If you start talking about something aside from life insurance, Samantha becomes nervous and confused. However, it’s still a move forward into a future where it’s getting more difficult to tell if the person
you’re speaking to is human or a machine.

#8 –  Music Composing Robot

Don’t see it as a surprise if the next pop song is written by a robot. At Georgia Tech, some researchers have developed a robot known as Shimon that can compose and play its very own music.

The system listens to music and makes use of it as a key point to write down songs of its own. The machine makes use of deep neural learning structures to decode styles of music, examine their patterns, and then take them as suggestion to compose something new.

The creator, Mason Bretan, said the machine has definitely gotten smarter through the years. Early on, he said, it wrote songs methodically from one note to another, but now it does the moves at a time. it could even jam out with a band. It’s designed to note what different musicians are playing and improvise alongside them.

#9 – Robotic Novelists – Novelists

Take it or live it, several original works of fiction have been written with the aid of computers—and one showed up on a short-list for a literary prize.

The Russian novel titled True Love is one of the known first books authored by a robot. And also, one of the best-selling novels of that year. Although, they had to put it on the shelve as author by gimmick and not a robot.

No wonder the amazing story has to be the aptly-titled Japanese work, The Day a Computer Writes a Novel. The plot summary was writing as an instruction to a computer, some characters, and a book to apply as stylistic concept and let it churn out this entire tale. That was how it got past the first round of the literary award.

#10 – Reproductive Robots

Most times, it looks as if the only job out there that’ll be left for human beings is making new robots, but that isn’t it. They’re making robots to do that, too.

In Japan, there’s already a company that has nothing in it but robots that construct other robots. The machines carry  out the fixing, with no human supervision, for twenty-four hours making greater machines, and they can make about 50 new robots each day. humans only role is to check on them monthly. Otherwise, there’s not a living soul inside the factory.

Now they have made robots that makes other robots. Researchers at the university of Cambridge have designed a robotic that can not only produce robots but have the ability to analyze them and enhance on their designs.

The newly produced robots get faster and possesses more capabilities for solving problems—all these is achieved with no human minds getting involved, which means that, very soon, the robots won’t even need us to make them.

Now all we can do is desire that the computer systems receiver’s place precedence at the pursuit in their personal joy and prevent running for humans. however truly they’ll by no means think about that.

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