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5 fantastic new iPhone features in iOS 16.4

A few new features will be included in iOS 16.4 when it launches next week. You already know that this version will include more than 30 emojis, web-push notifications, and a 5G Standalone for iPhone users, but there are also some unannounced improvements coming to this OS.
These are them.

Step1: Apple Books revives vintage animation:
The page curl animation in Apple Books is one of the new iOS 16.4 features. Although it has always been a component of iOS, Apple just eliminated it. Now that the firm is bringing it back, the transition from one book page to the next will appear more immersive.

Step2: Apple Music and Apple Podcasts improvements:
iOS 16.4 brings a number of improvements to the Music app. For instance, a full-screen pop-up is no longer displayed when a song is added to the queue. The artwork cover is also shown in scale in the playlist navigation. For instance, Apple Podcasts upgrades CarPlay and adds modifications to the Library and Up Next.

Step3: Voice Isolation for Calls:
Apple deleted this crucial function from the iPhone 12 when it released the iPhone 13 model. In contrast to the Apple Books animation, this one was associated with the hardware rather than a software update. You may now isolate your voice on a mobile call so that surrounding noise won’t interfere with it, thanks to a Cupertino company using the same technology as FaceTime calls.

Step4: Duplicate detection on iCloud Shared Picture Library:
iCloud Shared Photo Library, introduced with iOS 16.1, enables you to build a library with your family for special occasions like a trip, a meal, or a celebration. In iOS 16.4, this operating system will now identify duplicate images or videos and prompt you to decide whether to keep them both or remove the extraneous one.

Step5: Battery usage:
iOS 16.4 also reveals how much power the AlwaysOn display uses when in use. But customers of the iPhone 14 Pro will have more control over this function and the decision of whether to turn it on or off.

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