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In April, MLB Friday Night Baseball will return to Apple TV Plus

The first sports contract for Apple TV Plus will start a new season next month.
Beginning on April 7, Friday Night Baseball will feature weekly doubleheaders between the Texas Rangers and the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres, and Atlanta Braves.
With no local broadcast limitations, fans in 60 nations and regions may watch two high-profile matches over a 25-week period.
The Friday Night Baseball schedule for the first half of the season through June 30 was also released by Apple and MLB.
Eddy Cue, senior vice president of services at Apple, stated, “We can’t wait for ‘Friday Night Baseball’ to start up again, and we’re eager for fans to see everything new we’re offering this season.
There has never been a better moment to sign up for Apple TV+ since it actually has something to offer everyone, including two live baseball games every Friday night and a great selection of critically acclaimed original films and shows.
This season, Friday Night Baseball introduces a variety of broadcast talent to the announcing booths. These individuals include Tricia Whitaker, Dontrelle Willis, Heidi Watney, Alex Faust, Wayne Randazzo, and Dontrelle Willis (sideline reporter).
Each week, announcers will get their game assignments.
Again, Lauren Gardner and Siera Santos will serve as the hosts for live pre-and post-game coverage.
With baseball writer Russell Dorsey, former MLB players Xavier Scruggs and Matt Joyce will serve as analysts.
Both Brian Gorman and Dale Scott, former MLB umpires, will participate in deconstructing the league’s new regulations for the next season.

The production staff of MLB Network will put together Friday Night Baseball in collaboration with Apple.
Modern cameras will be used in each game to capture lifelike live-action scenes and provide immersive sound in 5.1 with Spatial Audio enabled.
In order to fully immerse viewers in the action and the stadium ambiance, Friday Night Baseball will once more make use of drone cameras for stunning overhead stadium images.
Throughout the games, fans in the US and Canada will also have the option of listening to the audio of the local radio broadcasts of the home and away teams.

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