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Repair: The PS5 version of Resident Evil 4 could perhaps install add-ons

One of the recently launched action-adventure survival horror video games that have been eagerly awaited by RE fans is Resident Evil 4 Remake.
In terms of the overall plot, graphics, gameplay, and other factors, it’s by far the finest zombie horror survival action game from CAPCOM.
Resident Evil 4 Remake Unable to install add-ons on PS5 is a regular problem, despite the fact that millions of gamers have begun to enjoy this game.
Although the game is now playable on all major gaming platforms, including Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One S, some unfortunate PlayStation 5 console players recently discovered that they were unable to install in-game add-ons.
Some reports indicate that PS5 console users’

Adaptation of Resident Evil 4, PS5 cannot install add-ons.

Hence, if we look closely at the error message, it shows that “something went wrong” when they attempted to install RE4R add-ons on their console.
It issues the same problem message while managing game content and adding add-ons.
The absurd thing is that PS4 console owners may readily download add-ons even if the game is brand-new on the market and the supplemental materials haven’t officially launched on the PlayStation Store yet.
So, only PS5 console players are seeing this exact problem.
It’s important to note that CAPCOM is aware of this problem and is attempting to resolve it.
Until the issue is formally resolved, you can try executing any of the workarounds listed below to rectify this error.
According to other accounts, PlayStation Support reportedly stated the same things, such as that the extra material hadn’t really been made accessible on the PS Shop.

  1. Restart the PS5 device.
    To be sure there isn’t a problem with the temporary malfunction, you may first try manually restarting the PS4 or PS5 device.
    There is a good likelihood that the system bug or the cache data issue is bothering you.
  2. Look for any available storage space.
    Depending on the storage choice you make on your PlayStation 5, check for available space.
    If the available disk space is insufficient, consider removing unused terminal applications to make room.
  3. Be careful to verify the internet connection to ensure it’s functioning properly.
    Network difficulties can occasionally lead to other connectivity issues, such as difficulty connecting to game servers or starting the game.
    If you’re having any problems, it’s always preferable to switch from Wi-Fi to wired or vice versa.
    If not, try using different online applications or games to look for the problem.
    For more help, you may also get in touch with your Internet service provider.
  4. Restart the network device.
    To re-establish any internet connection, you must power cycle your Wi-Fi router or modem.
    Several problems with the game’s start or connection to the game server may occasionally result from problems with the network connections.
    It is preferable to unhook the power cord from the router and turn it off.
    Then, after around 30 seconds, connect the power cord back in.
    To check for the problem, connect to the internet. after turning on the router.
  5. Stop any more background downloads.
    To determine whether there is a problem with adding add-ons, it would be ideal if you also tried halting other background downloads on your PS5 system while starting the Resident Evil 4 remake game.
  6. Verify PSN server health
    To make sure there isn’t a server connectivity or outage issue, you can also check the PSN Server Status here.
    Wait a couple of hours and try again if there is a problem with the server operations (online services).
    Nonetheless, all services are active and functioning at the time this post is being written.
  7. Hold off until the official launch of new content.
    If none of the solutions were successful for you, you may obtain complete assistance by waiting for the official launch of the new material on the PlayStation Store.
    There is nothing else. you need to do at this time.
    All right, fellas.
    We really hope you find this manual useful.
    You can leave a comment below if you have any further questions.

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