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Ben Stiller refutes claims of production chaos and delays for Severance Season 2

If you have seen the dystopian thriller series, Severance on Apple TV+, you would know that the employees of the Lumon corporation work in an extremely toxic environment. Recently, there have been reports regarding the show’s production team, which suggest that the work environment behind the scenes might not be any better. However, according to a tweet from the show’s director, Ben Stiller, the rumors are unfounded.

Former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, Matt Belloni, who is now with Puck News, reported that Severance Season 2 has been delayed due to off-screen chaos. However, Stiller clarified in a tweet on Friday that the show is still on track to meet its original air date target and that the rumors are not true.

According to Belloni’s report, there were even more issues behind the scenes of Severance Season 2, including conflicts between showrunners and scripts that needed to be rewritten. However, Stiller denied these claims and stated that the show is still following the same schedule and aiming for the same air date as originally planned. He also emphasized that the cast and crew are working hard to make the show the best it can be.

Severance’s first season, which consisted of nine episodes, was a huge success for Apple TV+, receiving several Emmy nominations and five wins, as well as critical acclaim. The show was engaging, and unique, and held my attention from beginning to end. I’m eagerly anticipating the new season, which I believe will be just as impressive as Tehran, another Apple TV+ series that I thoroughly enjoyed.

In addition to the previous reports, Belloni also mentioned that Stiller had brought in Beau Willimon, the creator of House of Cards and a recent writer for Disney+’s successful Andor series. Willimon has been working on the story arc for Season 3 of Severance, as well as polishing some of the story for Season 2. With Willimon’s involvement, there is an added level of confidence that the show is in good hands.

Overall, the updates on Severance Season 2 are leaving me cautiously optimistic. Filming for the season began late last year, and with the addition of Willimon to the team, it seems like the show is in capable hands. Only time will tell if the new season will live up to the success of the first, but for now, there’s reason to be hopeful.

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