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Rumors Suggest These iPad Models Won’t Make the Cut for iPad OS 17

Apple is gearing up to announce the latest version of its iPad operating system, iPadOS 17. As the company aims to enhance the integration between Mac and iPad, it needs to deliver more powerful features such as Stage Manager and Universal Control. However, recent rumors suggest that iPadOS 17 could leave some older models behind.

According to a report by iPhoneSoft, the following iPads are expected to lose support with the upcoming iPadOS update:

iPad 5
9.7-inch iPad Pro 1st generation
12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st generation
This means that Apple could be saying goodbye to its first-generation iPad Pro for the first time since its launch eight years ago.

Additionally, iPhoneSoft corroborated an earlier rumor that most devices using the A11 Bionic chip or older will not be compatible with iPadOS 17. However, the following models should still be able to run the new operating system:

iPad 6 and later
iPad Air 3 and later
iPad mini 5 and later
iPad Pro 2 and later
With the official announcement of iPadOS 17 just around the corner, it remains to be seen which devices will be left behind and what new features the update will bring to the supported models.

Will iPhone 8 and iPhone X work with iOS 17?

Although there seems to be a consensus regarding which iPad models will run iPadOS 17, the situation is less clear for iOS 17.

While one leaker claims that iOS 17 won’t be supported on iPhone 8 and iPhone X due to a bootrom security vulnerability, another insider believes that all iPhone models currently running iOS 16 will be able to run iOS 17, as it is expected to be a minor update.

It remains to be seen which reports will turn out to be accurate, and Apple will likely release more information on the compatibility of iOS 17 with different iPhone models closer to its release.

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