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Take Your Gaming Experience to the Next Level with Steam’s Cloud Notepad

Valve has recently released a significant update to the Steam Beta’s In-Game Overlay, which includes an extensive revamp of the user interface and other visual enhancements. One of the notable features of the update is the introduction of a convenient traveling notepad.

While it’s possible that you already have a notepad app on your PC, Valve’s Notes app takes it to the next level by automatically opening the correct file corresponding to each game you play. Additionally, it can be overlaid on top of your game, allowing you to view your notes while you play. It’s worth noting that this app is not only cloud-based but also works offline, automatically syncing your notes from one PC to another.

Valve’s recent update to the Steam Beta’s In-Game Overlay introduces a range of new features that allow users to customize their gaming experience. In addition to the traveling notepad, Valve has also made it possible to pin other windows atop a game. This includes Guides, Discussions, and even the Steam web browser. These windows have adjustable opacity, meaning that users can choose to make them more or less transparent, depending on their preferences.

Furthermore, Valve claims that users can now watch videos while playing a game using the Steam web browser, allowing them to enjoy their favorite content without interrupting their gaming experience. Overall, these new features make it easier for users to access the information and resources they need while playing their favorite games on Steam.

In addition to the traveling notepad and the ability to pin windows atop a game, Valve’s update to the Steam Beta’s In-Game Overlay includes several other improvements. For instance, users will now see a new Game Overview when they pull up the overlay, which includes a toolbar for quick access to essential features. The notifications tab and screenshot manager have also been revamped, making it easier for users to manage their gaming experience.

Moreover, the update introduces optional hardware acceleration for the Linux version of Steam, with Mac support on the way. Additionally, Valve has made minor UI tweaks to various parts of the interface. These changes are being rolled out across Steam Desktop, Big Picture Mode, and Steam Deck simultaneously. While the Deck currently only has these updates in its Linux desktop mode, Valve’s Lawrence Yang has confirmed that features like the Notes mode will be available in the Deck gaming mode in the future. To learn more about these changes, you can refer to Valve’s full update post, which includes additional screenshots.

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