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XDefiant Unleashed: A Complete Overview of Each Class and Their Abilities

XDefiant has been making waves in the world of fast-paced action and shooting games since its recent release. Developed by Ubisoft, this first-person shooter game has quickly become a fan favorite thanks to its tactical gameplay and impressive mechanics. One of the most notable features of XDefiant is its diverse range of playable classes.

Just like any other game, each class in XDefiant has its own strengths and weaknesses. With a slated release date of later this year, the game has already managed to attract a massive audience. XDefiant offers five classes for players to choose from: Healer, Spy, Control, Hacker, and Damage. Each class specializes in a particular role and possesses unique abilities accordingly. As the game heats up with its intense 6v6 matches, it’s important for players to have a detailed understanding of each class in order to reap the maximum benefits.

To build a formidable team in XDefiant, players must create a mixture of these classes. To make this journey a little easier, we’ve put together a dedicated article on all the XDefiant classes. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Explain all XDefiant classes

In XDefiant, each class serves a distinct purpose and contributes to the team in unique ways. While some classes may seem stronger than others on paper, this doesn’t necessarily translate to success in the game. To achieve optimal results, players must utilize all classes effectively and work together as a team.

To build a well-rounded team in XDefiant, it’s important to have a solid understanding of each class. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to all the XDefiant classes. This guide will help you study and select the best team for your playstyle in the game.


Last but not least, we have the Damage class in XDefiant, which consists of four different subclasses: the Tank, the Assault, the Marksman, and the Support. Each subclass brings a unique set of abilities and playstyles to the game, and they all play important roles on any team. Here’s a closer look at each of the four Damage subclasses:

Tank Class: The Tank subclass is designed to soak up damage and protect their team. Tanks have high health pools, powerful shields, and strong defensive abilities. They can absorb a lot of damage and deal it back out to enemies while protecting their team. Tanks excel at being on the frontline and taking the brunt of enemy attacks.

Assault Class: The Assault subclass is built for close-range combat. They have high mobility and a variety of weapons at their disposal, allowing them to quickly get up close and personal with enemies and deal devastating damage. They are deadly in close-quarters combat and excel at taking out enemies in style.

Marksman Class: The Marksman subclass is the opposite of the Assault subclass, as they specialize in long-range combat. They use precision weapons like sniper rifles to target and take down enemies from a distance. Marksman has better accuracy when targeting enemies, but they are vulnerable to close-range attacks.

Support Class: The Support subclass focuses on healing and supporting the team rather than dealing damage to enemies. They have abilities that restore health, provide shields, and buff their teammates’ damage output. Support players play a crucial role in keeping their team alive and in the fight.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each subclass is important for building a well-rounded team in XDefiant. With this knowledge, players can choose the subclasses that best fit their playstyle and work together to dominate their opponents.


The Spy class within XDefiant fulfills a crucial role in ensuring the victory of their team. This class possesses a versatile skill set that allows them to execute multiple tasks, including gathering intelligence and sabotaging enemy efforts. One of Spy’s defining abilities is the ‘Cloak and Dagger,’ which allows them to become invisible and virtually undetectable by enemies for a short period. This attribute proves particularly useful when infiltrating enemy territory or ambushing unsuspecting foes.

Additionally, spies carry silenced pistols and throw knives, making them a reliable option for attacking enemies from afar. A notable tool available to spies is the Sneaky Sensors, which can be remotely deployed in various locations to detect nearby enemies. Moreover, their ultimate ability, ‘Disguise,’ permits them to assume the appearance of an enemy, making it easier to infiltrate and move within the enemy’s territory undetected.


The hacker class in XDefiant is a standout among the other classes, thanks to its impressive array of abilities. Its primary ability involves deploying hack stations that enable team members to respawn quicker, providing a significant advantage on the battlefield. Additionally, the hacker class can deploy jammers that disrupt the enemy’s communication, leading to inefficient coordination of team members during combat. This ability proves particularly effective in objective-based game modes where communication is crucial.

Furthermore, the hacker class boasts a unique passive ability called ‘Tech Upgrade,’ which enhances the performance of various gadgets used by the class. This attribute proves invaluable in supporting the hacker class throughout the game.

In summary, the hacker class is a masterpiece, featuring numerous abilities capable of turning the tide of battle. Proper utilization of the class’s abilities can effectively disrupt the enemy’s tactics, leading to a victorious outcome.


The Control class is the perfect fit for players who prefer a supportive playstyle over direct confrontation with their enemies. As a true support class, the Control class possesses a variety of abilities and traits that aid in this role. With access to specialized gadgets like tripwires, deployable shields, and proximity mines, the Control class can manipulate the battlefield by obstructing enemy movement and setting traps.

One of the unique abilities of the Control class is the ‘Control Points’ ability. This allows them to designate points on the battlefield that their team can capture to gain benefits such as increased mobility, health regeneration, and damage output.

In addition to these gadgets and abilities, the Control class also has a secondary role as a healer. Equipped with the Healing Drone gadget, they can quickly regenerate the health of their teammates. Overall, the Control class is a versatile addition to any team, serving as a crucial ally that provides support and protection to the entire squad.


In XDefiant, Healers are essential to the success of any team, as they are responsible for keeping their teammates alive and restoring their health during battles. Equipped with better abilities and tools, Healers provide crucial support to their teammates to help them survive and win fights.

One of the most intriguing abilities of Healers is their healing ability, which allows them to restore the health of their teammates even in the most challenging situations. Additionally, Healers possess other supportive abilities such as damage mitigation, which enables them to reduce the damage taken by their allies during intense battles. With a wide range of tools and crowd control abilities, Healers are a perfect support character that can help turn the tide of a battle.

Despite their tremendous abilities, Healers do not excel in close combat situations and can be easily defeated if caught alone. However, their importance during a fight cannot be overstated, as they play the most critical role in keeping their team alive and providing essential support.


In summary, choosing the right class depends on your preferred playstyle and the needs of the team. Tanks are ideal for players who like to lead from the front and draw attention away from their allies. Support classes are for players who prefer a more passive role and want to keep their team healthy. Assault classes are for players who like to be aggressive and deal a lot of damage quickly, while Marksman classes are for players who prefer to stay back and take out targets from a distance.

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