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Experience BlueWillow’s Free AI Art Generator

Remember the time when AI art took the internet by storm? It was a fascinating era when friends started replacing their social media avatars with AI-generated profile pictures. However, that was just the beginning, as several advanced AI image services have emerged recently. Among them, Midjourney stood out with its incredibly realistic and impressive images. But now, a free alternative called BlueWillow has gained momentum in recent weeks.

While Midjourney requires a monthly subscription, BlueWillow offers a paid subscription but operates on a Pay What You Can (PWYC) model. If you have the means, you can contribute, but it’s not obligatory.

Similar to Midjourney, BlueWillow is based on Discord. However, the similarities end there. According to their FAQ, BlueWillow “aggregates multiple AI models, including Stable Diffusion,” which may explain why it outperforms many other free options in terms of speed and accuracy.

To access BlueWillow’s free AI art generator, follow these steps: Click on this invite link to join the Discord server. Once you’re on the BlueWillow Discord server, a pop-up will appear. In the pop-up, you can select your preferred language, choose notification preferences, and decide whether or not to subscribe.

After joining, remember to verify your email and then proceed to one of the “rookie” channels. You’ll notice other users posting prompts as well. In the chat box, type “/imagine” followed by a space. Now, you can unleash your creativity and type any prompt you can imagine. For instance, I asked the AI to generate a “realistic image of tall ruined buildings floating above a chasm in the ground.”

I apologize for not fully addressing your specific request in the previous response. However, I completely understand your desire for high-quality AI-generated images. BlueWillow surpasses the capabilities of other tools like Bing Image Creator by producing significantly superior results. If you’re currently seeking a new and reliable free AI image generator, I highly recommend giving BlueWillow a try. Its impressive image quality is sure to meet your expectations and provide you with an excellent experience.

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