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Fallout’s Missing Source Code Discovered

According to Tim Cain, one of the co-creators of Fallout, the original source code for the game has been discovered by its initial developer, Interplay. For years, fans had believed that the code was lost, but Cain recently revealed that Interplay had found it in the comments section of one of his YouTube videos on game development. While this revelation doesn’t guarantee remasters or ports from Bethesda, it is still exciting news as we eagerly await the release of Fallout 5.

Previously, many of us assumed that the source code for the first Fallout game and Fallout 2 had been lost forever. However, Cain’s confirmation suggests that it was indeed recovered at some point, although it doesn’t directly confirm any upcoming remasters or ports from Bethesda.

“In the early 2000s, Interplay had lost the source code archive,” Cain explained. “Fortunately, they were able to retrieve the code from an old computer that was found in storage. As of now, it is believed that Bethesda has possession of the code.”

For those eagerly awaiting more isometric RPG action in the retro-futuristic style of Fallout, there is good news. New Blood is developing a Fallout-inspired game that aims to capture the essence of the classic ’90s PC games. Additionally, the source code for Fallout 1 and 2 has already been reverse-engineered for non-commercial use, indicating that the love for the old-school Fallout games is still alive.

While the availability of source code doesn’t guarantee ports or remasters of the original Fallout games by Bethesda, it would certainly facilitate the process if the studio ever decides to revive those titles. Currently, Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics can be found on Steam and PC Game Pass, but they are not available on consoles, nor are there official modernized versions of these games.

Furthermore, the terms of Bethesda’s legal dispute with Interplay in the early 2000s, which arose from the latter’s failure to commence full development on Fallout Online within a specified timeframe after selling the IP to Bethesda, dictate that if the source code of the original games were to be found, it would be handed over to Bethesda. Tim Cain also affirms this in the YouTube comments, suggesting that if his statement is accurate, the source code should be in Bethesda’s possession.

Tim Cain’s YouTube channel has been a valuable resource for fans of the Fallout series, as he shares intriguing insights such as the true purpose of the Fallout vaults. He has also praised Bethesda for revitalizing the series, adding to the overall appreciation of their work.

For those craving a dive into the retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic world, Fallout New Vegas mods can provide ample entertainment. Alternatively, there are plenty of other excellent games similar to Fallout to explore, offering a wide range of options for fans of the genre.

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