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Apex Legends Puts Popular Game Mode on Hold

Apex Legends stands as one of the most popular competitive multiplayer games, captivating players with its diverse range of characters and engaging gameplay across various modes. Among these modes, Control is widely favored, forming a part of the Mixtape rotation. This dynamic game mode revolves around capturing and maintaining control zones to accumulate points, providing an exhilarating experience. Regrettably, Respawn Entertainment has recently announced the temporary removal of Control, much to the disappointment of fans.

During the recent Apex Legends Master rank milestone, players brought to the attention of Respawn Entertainment and its publisher EA an in-game issue that hindered spawning on controlled zones within the Control game mode. Responding to the community’s feedback, the developers acknowledged the bug and confirmed that they were actively monitoring it, taking steps to implement a temporary solution.

“We have decided to remove Control from the Mixtape rotation starting at 10 am PT today as we focus on resolving the issue,” Respawn communicated via their official Twitter account. While an exact timeline for the fix and the reintroduction of the Control game mode has not been provided, the developers did address another issue a few hours later, demonstrating their commitment to addressing player concerns.

Following the initial announcement by Respawn, it was revealed that players were encountering difficulties when attempting to join matches in Apex Legends. However, since the initial post, there have been no further updates from the development team regarding these issues. As a result, Control remains excluded from the Mixtape rotation, leaving players in a state of uncertainty. Some players have reported that the matchmaking problem has been resolved, but no official confirmation has been provided by Respawn or EA.

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