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Last Epoch Ladders: A Competitor to Diablo 4’s Leaderboards

The upcoming update for Last Epoch is set to give players an exciting new feature: a revamped ladder system. This update arrives just in time for the release of Diablo 4, offering players an alternative option to Blizzard’s highly anticipated game. Last Epoch has gained significant attention in the action-RPG genre, standing alongside renowned titles like Diablo and Path of Exile. With the arrival of update 0.9.1, Last Epoch aims to provide players with a haven to explore should they feel unsatisfied with Diablo 4.

The Rising Flames update in Last Epoch brings a significant overhaul to the ladder mechanics, offering a clear and competitive way for players to measure their progress against others. This is a feature that will be notably absent from Diablo 4’s initial seasons, as Blizzard’s recent Diablo 4 battle pass livestream revealed that leaderboards are still in development and won’t be available at launch.

For those seeking the thrill of competition, Last Epoch has become a popular choice in the genre. The game has gained increasing support during its early access phase and recently introduced a multiplayer mode. Now, with the updated ladder system, players will have multiple ways to track their progress. The Endless Arena mode will record and showcase your best runs, categorized based on your current playstyle.

The Last Epoch ladder is divided into softcore and hardcore, with separate leaderboards for groups of different sizes ranging from one to four players. Additionally, there is a ranking for players who prefer the “Solo (account found)” mode, commonly known as SSF or solo self-found, where trading is limited.

Overall, Last Epoch’s upcoming update is poised to enhance the competitive experience for players, offering an engaging alternative to Diablo 4’s initial offerings. With its diverse ladder system and growing support, Last Epoch continues to solidify its position as a notable contender in the action-RPG space alongside the genre’s titans.

Initially, the revamped ladder system in Last Epoch will be implemented for Arena Wave progress. However, developer Eleventh Hour Games has expressed their intention to further develop this system in the future. Their plans include expanding the ladder functionality to include monolith progression, experience tracking, events, and potentially more exciting features. If you have a strong desire to showcase your skills and compete with others, Last Epoch may be the perfect game for you.

The release date for Last Epoch’s Rising Flames update, patch 0.9.1, is scheduled for May 25. If you’re eager to dive into an action-RPG experience ahead of or instead of Diablo 4, you can purchase Last Epoch through Steam Early Access. Additionally, if you’re looking for other popular options, the recent Path of Exile Crucible league has garnered significant popularity. We have also curated a selection of the best games similar to Diablo. And if you’re still preparing for Blizzard’s upcoming release, make sure to explore our comprehensive guide covering all the Diablo 4 classes, ensuring you’re fully prepared for the game’s launch.

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