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Street Fighter 6: Raising the Bar of Fighting Game

In a recent interview, the Capcom development team revealed that Street Fighter 6 will incorporate a multitude of features and modes that they had longed to include in previous installments of the iconic fighting game series. During a Twitch stream held on May 12, the team was asked about ideas they had in Street Fighter 5 that they were finally able to bring to life in the upcoming sequel.

Addressing this, Street Fighter 6 game director Takayuki Nakayama explained, “Pretty much everything that we’re seeing in Street Fighter 6 is a culmination of features and modes that we have been eager to introduce in past Street Fighter titles. With the opportunity to create a new game from scratch, we were able to incorporate everything we desired.”

Nakayama further emphasized the significance of the World Tour mode, stating, “The implementation of the World Tour mode was a monumental challenge for the team, and it is something we are extremely proud of. It represents a key aspect that we were eager to include in Street Fighter 6.”

Please note that this quote was translated live from Japanese to English during the stream and has been edited for clarity by PCGamesN.

Capcom’s distinction regarding “features and modes” is crucial, particularly considering the initial release of Street Fighter 5 in 2016, which faced criticism for its limited roster and lack of content. However, Capcom aims to rectify these past mistakes with Street Fighter 6.

To their credit, Capcom expanded Street Fighter 5 post-launch, introducing a single-player cinematic mode, arcade mode, extra battle mode, and additional V-Triggers per character. The Champion Edition in 2020 further enhanced balance and gameplay elements.

The significant difference with Street Fighter 6 lies in its launch-day offerings. Unlike its predecessor, Street Fighter 6 will introduce all major modes and gameplay options from the start, indicating that Capcom has learned from past experiences.

Here’s a breakdown of the launch game modes in Street Fighter 6:

  1. Fighting Ground: This mode encompasses local and online versus matches, training, and arcade modes, providing a variety of ways to engage in combat.

2. World Tour: A single-player story mode set in a 3D play space, featuring a customizable character. The model has been likened to Capcom’s own take on Yakuza, promising an entertaining and immersive experience.

3. Battle Hub: An online lobby mode offering both casual and ranked matches, providing a platform for players to engage with others in competitive battles.

While the SF6 demo already offers a taste of the World Tour mode, which has received positive acclaim, our comprehensive Street Fighter 6 preview delves into how this mode embodies Capcom’s signature style, with a touch of lightheartedness.

Additionally, to keep fans informed, we have compiled details on the upcoming Street Fighter 6 beta, including information on how and when to access it. Furthermore, we have an extensive list of confirmed base characters and DLC for Street Fighter 6, with exciting new additions to the roster.

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