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The Possible Comeback of Dark and Darker on Steam

There are indications that the highly anticipated return of the game Dark and Darker on Steam might be imminent. Recent updates to the RPG within Valve’s store suggest that the game is making a comeback, accompanied by a new playtest for Dark and Darker. This development follows the removal of the Ironmace game from Steam due to copyright complaints filed by the publishing company Nexon. In fact, Nexon has gone so far as to take legal action against the Dark and Darker team. However, despite these ongoing legal challenges, there is no evidence pointing toward Dark and Darker’s potential reentry into the Steam platform. Let’s delve deeper into this intriguing situation.

Back in March, Dark and Darker were removed from Steam after accusations arose that the Ironmace team had appropriated and reused assets in the RPG that were originally created for a separate project under Nexon’s supervision. In a subsequent legal filing, Nexon claims that former employees of Nexon, now working at Ironmace, had illicitly obtained assets from a Nexon game called ‘P3’ and utilized them in the development of Dark and Darker.

Despite the ongoing legal challenges surrounding Dark and Darker, the game has managed to conduct playtests outside of the Steam platform. However, Ironmace, the development team behind Dark and Darker, alleges that some of these playtest were marred by disruptive DDoS attacks. Nevertheless, there is now a noteworthy update in the Dark and Darker Steam database that suggests the RPG might be making its way back to Valve’s storefront in the near future. This development has sparked excitement among fans and players eagerly awaiting the game’s return.

The recent updates in the Dark and Darker Steam backend certainly hint at significant developments taking place within the game. It’s reminiscent of what occurred a few months ago with Counter-Strike Global Offensive, which ultimately led to substantial changes. This similarity has piqued our curiosity, and we’ll diligently monitor the Dark and Darker database for any noteworthy details, ensuring that we keep you updated on all the latest findings.

While we eagerly await further information, we can provide you with comprehensive details regarding the anticipated full release date of Dark and Darker. Additionally, if you’re seeking other captivating fantasy games to delve into, we can recommend some of the best titles available. Furthermore, we can provide you with a comprehensive list of upcoming games expected to launch in 2023, allowing you to stay informed and excited about the gaming landscape.

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