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Diablo 4’s Unique Farming Spots

Let me share with you some valuable insights about Diablo 4 farming. Engaging in relentless demon-slaying and looting their precious gear is at the core of this action RPG game. However, it’s crucial to find the right farming spot, and I have some news: the one I’m about to mention isn’t it.

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself deviating from Diablo 4’s main storyline because there are just so many other captivating activities to explore. One such diversion involves liberating the numerous cellars scattered across Sanctuary, a staggering total of 1,270 instances. Each cellar offers varying amounts of XP and gear, presenting an extensive endeavor.

Now, here’s where u/MrFrodoBeggins comes in. They undertook the monumental task of running every single cellar with their Barbarian. After three whole days of relentless effort, the conclusion reached was that farming these cellars, even when compared to Diablo 4 Nightmare Dungeons and other instances, falls short in terms of efficiency.

For instance, during their three-day cellar adventure, MrFrodoBeggins accumulated 82,693,064 XP. However, by running Blind Burrows (yielding 35.8 million XP per hour) twice, along with a lower output dungeon like Shadowed Plunge (23 million XP per hour) or Onyx Hold (23.5 million XP per hour), you can achieve in just a few hours what MrFrodoBeggins accomplished in three days.

Although the statistics may not be favorable, one interesting aspect is that out of the vast number of over 1,200 cellars, MrFrodoBeggins encountered only two bugs. One bug involved saving prisoners in the ‘Receptacle of Filth,’ while the other affected ‘Drowned,’ where enemies couldn’t be interacted with or killed. This showcases impressive work on Blizzard’s part to maintain a relatively bug-free experience.

In PCGamesN’s Diablo 4 review, I praised the cellar system for its uniqueness as a form of side quest. However, it’s not surprising to discover that it doesn’t quite match up to the treasure trove of rewards found in Nightmare Dungeons or other Diablo 4 endgame content. Ultimately, the cellars are designed to provide enjoyable and gory encounters that lead you off the beaten path for a brief period, and they excel in fulfilling that purpose.

If you haven’t yet ventured into these intriguing caverns of chaos, I highly recommend equipping yourself with one of the best Diablo 4 builds before delving in. However, if you’re seeking a more formidable challenge, I suggest exploring our comprehensive list of all the Diablo 4 Stronghold locations. Within these strongholds, you will encounter horrors that will truly test your resilience and determination.

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