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iOS 17 Brings a Whopping Collection of 100+ New Emojis to Your iPhone in the Coming Year

In iOS 16, we enjoyed a modest emoji update. However, iOS 17 is set to bring a wave of excitement with over 100 new emojis expected to grace our iPhones starting next year. According to an informative blog post on Emojipedia, the upcoming Unicode Emoji 15.1 update is anticipated to introduce a grand total of 108 new emojis, including skin tone modifiers and gender variants. Get ready to express yourself with an even wider range of emotive characters on your favorite messaging platform!
The fate of these exciting new emojis lies in the hands of the approval process scheduled for this September. If given the green light, we may expect to see them on our iPhones through an upcoming iOS 17 update. Among the proposed additions are a Lime, a vertically head-shaking emoji, a phoenix bird (Moltres, a treat for Pokémon enthusiasts), and four gender-neutral family emojis represented by silhouettes.

However, it’s important to note that the implementation of these emojis ultimately rests with each vendor, such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and others. The design directive provided by the Unicode Consortium may or may not be strictly followed by these companies. Emojipedia explains that the new emojis with specified directions are essentially variations of existing people’s emojis but with explicit directionality added.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to soon embrace this fresh batch of expressive icons on our favorite devices!

It’s important to clarify that the emojis presented by Emojipedia for iOS 17 are not the final versions. They are visual representations created by Joshua Jones, Emojipedia’s Head of Emoji Design, and are intended to showcase how these emojis might look. The sample images intentionally mimic the glossy style of Apple’s emoji set, which is why Apple’s existing people designs were reversed for the overview image.

Once these emojis receive approval in September, it will be up to individual companies like Apple and Google to decide whether to adopt them. In the case of iOS 16, it took until March for Emojipedia 14.1 emojis to be included, and that was the first time they didn’t include variations of people. If Apple follows a similar pattern, we might expect the new emojis to arrive around March, coinciding with the release of iOS 17.2 or iOS 17.3. It’s possible that iOS 17.1 will focus on bringing previously delayed features.

Please note that these are speculative timelines based on previous patterns, and the actual release dates and features may vary.

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