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Starfield Undergoes Comprehensive QA Testing with Full Xbox Team Involvement

Starfield, poised to become one of the most monumental RPG games in history, is acknowledged as such by the entire Bethesda and Xbox teams. Despite enduring several delays and the recent unveiling at the Xbox Showcase, it has come to light that virtually every Quality Assurance (QA) professional within Xbox and Bethesda has been dedicated to perfecting Starfield, ensuring it reaches its utmost potential. As the anticipation for the Starfield release date builds, these teams continue to toil tirelessly.

During a recent appearance on the Giant Bomb at Nite podcast, CEO of Xbox Game Studios Phil Spencer and head of Microsoft Studios Matt Booty delved into the exciting announcements and updates shared during the Xbox Showcase, leading the conversation naturally towards Bethesda’s highly anticipated project, Starfield.

Spencer emphasized the joint efforts of Xbox and Bethesda in refining Starfield, stressing their commitment to granting the space-themed game ample time for development, with the ultimate goal of creating the most outstanding rendition possible.

In relation to the acquisition of Bethesda, Phil Spencer reveals that Starfield was originally slated for a much earlier release date than what is currently planned. However, after engaging in discussions with Todd Howard and his team, the decision was made to grant them additional time for development. As a testament to their dedication, Matt Booty mentions that every quality assurance professional within the entire company is currently playing Starfield, meticulously examining bug counts and ensuring the game meets the highest standards of quality.

Spencer further emphasizes that they have been actively playing the game for a considerable period, and the showcased footage accurately represents the state of the game. Drawing a parallel to the renowned success of games like Skyrim, he expresses his excitement about the anticipation surrounding Starfield, noting that the team has a proven track record of delivering games that surpass expectations.

The recent Xbox and Starfield Direct presentations provided us with an abundance of information about Starfield. As we analyzed the footage, we identified 35 new details that caught our attention, which we have meticulously broken down. Additionally, we explored the contents of the Starfield Constellation Edition and delved into what has already been disclosed about the first Starfield DLC. Given the magnitude of the showcase, it is safe to assume that there are likely numerous hidden details that fans will continue to discover in the coming days and weeks.

The immense scale of Bethesda’s latest adventure is evident, as Starfield pre-orders are surpassing all other titles on Steam. This positive reception is a testament to the payoff of Xbox’s efforts, despite the multiple delays.

If your anticipation for Starfield knows no bounds and you crave more information, rest assured that we have compiled everything you could possibly need to know. This includes details on the Starfield early access start date, an exploration of the ongoing discussion surrounding Starfield’s FPS (frames per second), and an in-depth analysis of Starfield’s character creation system.

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