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Death Stranding 2: A Radical Rewrite Unveiled by Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima, the director and creator of Metal Gear Solid, reveals that Death Stranding 2 underwent a complete rewrite in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The eagerly awaited game’s release date remains on the horizon, and there is even news of a film adaptation. This open-world game is set to challenge and redefine the concepts explored in the original Death Stranding, particularly the term ‘stranding.’ The upcoming installment promises an air of intrigue and mystery, typical of Kojima’s style, making it another captivating creation from the mastermind behind MGS.

The first Death Stranding, released in 2019, follows the journey of Sam Porter Bridges, portrayed by Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. Players were tasked with reconnecting the post-apocalyptic United States by linking various settlements through the ‘Chiral Network.’ However, Death Stranding 2 will introduce fresh perspectives on the theme of connection, as Kojima explains in an interview with the Japanese publication Natalie, translated by Google.

Kojima reevaluates the concept of ‘connection,’ emphasizing the need for humans to venture into the outside world and explore. In this new installment, the meaning of ‘strand’ has evolved, providing players with a different and thought-provoking experience. The teaser leaves us with the tantalizing question, ‘Should we have connected?’ Building on the success of its predecessor, Death Stranding 2 is set to deliver another profound and captivating gaming experience.

In the original Death Stranding game, the term ‘stranding’ held a partial reference to the spirits of the deceased, known as ‘BTs’ or ‘beached things,’ being stranded in the realm of the living, much like beached whales. However, for Death Stranding 2, Hideo Kojima decided to approach this theme of ‘stranding’ and the broader concept of connection differently, particularly in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kojima reveals that the story of DS2 was conceptualized before the pandemic, but he had to undertake a complete rewrite due to its impact. With the rise of the pandemic, the significance of remote connections and virtual interactions became more pronounced, leading Kojima to reevaluate the idea of genuine human connections. He believed that relying solely on pseudo-connections would not lead to fulfilling lives.

Regarding the film adaptation of Death Stranding, Kojima expresses his desire to bring a unique approach to the project, promising something completely different from the game, which is likely to surprise fans.

Apart from Death Stranding 2, Kojima is also involved in other exciting projects. A full remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 is in development, and fans can look forward to the MGS Master Collection, a re-release of the original trilogy. Furthermore, there are rumors suggesting that Metal Gear Solid 4 may finally make its way to PC.

While awaiting these upcoming releases, players can explore the best games heading their way in 2023 and beyond. For avid Kojima fans, the PC offers a variety of enthralling story-driven games to enjoy.

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