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Tips on How to Grow Long Relaxed Hair

Whoever told that you cannot grow long relaxed hair was bullsh*ting. Yes, I absolutely wrote that. You indeed can grow long, beautiful and healthy relaxed hair. It might not be easy but it is definitely possible. You just need to follow these steps below:


Trim your split ends after styling to prevent breakages as those uncut split ends will bring more damage to the hair which leads to even more splitting or worse hair lose.  So, you trim your hair once every 3 months or if you feel the need to.

Do not Over-Heat Your Hair

Never use a blow dryer, hot comb or a flat iron on your relaxed hair especially if you have a new growth. It thins your hair and stunts hair growth. So Please ensure to stop it. Tell your stylist to stop heating up your hair.

Apply Hair Oils on Hair Regularly

You can create a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil and apply it on your scalp as often as you can. This will stimulate the growth of your hair.

Wear Your Hair in Protective Styles 

Take to wearing your hair in protective styles be it braids, wigs or twists. Of course, do not do so continuously. Remove the style for a while and let your hair breathe before restyling it again. Trust me you will see a huge difference in your hair. 

Keep Your Hair Moisturized Always

Always keep your hair moisturized so as to not break easily. Moisturizing your hair makes the growth of the hair much easier to manage. So ensurer to moisturize every 3 to 4 days.  Also, as a bonus tip, wear a satin bonnet before going to bed to ensure your moisturized hair stays that way!

Which of these tips have helped you on your hair journey? 

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