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Deadpool 3 to Bring Iconic Wolverine Fight to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Deadpool 3 marks the franchise’s third installment and is set to introduce Ryan Reynolds’ iconic character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the upcoming movie will showcase the beloved Deadpool character, it will also feature Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, making it a dual-protagonist story. This has already been confirmed, but recent rumors suggest that fans will witness a highly anticipated Wolverine fight in the MCU. However, revealing more details could spoil the excitement for fans who prefer to avoid spoilers.

Deadpool 3 is a multiverse film that culminates in Wade Wilson joining the main MCU reality, the only way to incorporate the character into future Marvel movies. In contrast, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will return to his own reality and eventually pass away. Chronologically, the events of Deadpool 3 occur before the Logan movie.

Although we don’t know why Deadpool and Wolverine are working together in this adventure, we do know that they will be reluctant partners, at least initially. Fans can expect the two to engage in combat, but it’s not the iconic Wolverine fight that some leakers have teased.

In a recent interview with ET Canada, Ryan Reynolds hinted that the Wolverine character we’ll see in Deadpool 3 may differ significantly from Hugh Jackman’s previous portrayal. The creative team pitched Jackman a version of the character that diverges from what he’s familiar with, providing him with a fresh and exciting opportunity to play the role once again.

While Jackman may have desired to fight alongside the Avengers during his tenure as Wolverine in the Fox movies, it was never a possibility due to the complex ownership of the rights. Fox held the rights to X-Men, while Disney owned the screen rights to Marvel’s Avengers. However, with Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the potential for Wolverine to join

Will Hulk fight Wolverine in Deadpool 3

In mid-January, Twitter user ThwipT_ posted a tweet claiming that Bruce Banner’s Hulk would appear in Deadpool 3, without mentioning anything about a potential fight between the Hulk and Wolverine. Despite being overlooked by many other Deadpool 3 leaks, ThwipT_ has a track record of insider information accuracy, evidenced by their correct prediction of The Marvels trailer and accurate Quantumania details prior to its premiere.

Recently, a YouTube video from Everything Always discussed ThwipT_’s leak, speculating that a potential fight between Wolverine and the Hulk could occur in Deadpool 3. While this is just speculation, it’s a plausible scenario given that this type of comic book battle was impossible before Disney’s acquisition of Fox. It remains to be seen whether the Hulk’s appearance in the film will lead to such an epic confrontation.

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